Four Questions with the CEO – Episode 2: Why SDKs are Crucial to the Success of Digital Rights Management

Vishal Gupta, CEO at Seclore, shares enlightenment on why SDKs are crucial to the success of digital rights management

  • Data-Centric Security, and more specifically, DRM is most successful when added to other systems because of the ability to automate protection and ensure security gaps are closed
  • Combinations are most fruitful for automated protection:
    • DLP + DRM
    • Classification + DRM
    • Email + DRM
    • ECM + DRM
    • Enterprise Solution + DRM
  • What Seclore’s SDK Suite includes:
    • Server SDK
    • End-Point SDK
  • Other parts of the Seclore SDK that are of importance
    • Policy Federation
    • Identity Federation


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