futureWho doesn’t enjoy a little bit of salacious information? Everyday the news outlets are bending our ear. We are human by all means, but leaked emails with sensitive information are costing jobs, influencing elections, impacting corporations financially and who knows what’s next. For example, Sony’s leaked emails cost producer Amy Pascal her job. Democratic National Convention leaked emails cost Representative Debbie Wasserman Schultz her job. And SalesForce sent an internal presentation to board members with M&A targets that got hacked in email. It made negotiations harder for Salesforce.

Although security breaches of personal records happens more frequently, sensitive information in email is becoming an equal threat to companies. Another potential email threat is the volume of sensitive documents that is being stored unprotected in an email system. I’m guilty of this one. Sometimes I save the document, sometimes I just leave it in email to access it later. Why? Time. Bad email habits coupled with sensitive data is why companies need to come up with a better security approach to email. Companies need to apply a data-centric security plan where data is the new perimeter.

Today, email security consists of encryption but once an email is sent, there is no control over or tracking of, what someone does with the email or attachment. Inline email text and attachments can be copied, forwarded, downloaded, etc., to unauthorized users added to the email thread. With Seclore Rights Management 3.7 latest release, we’ve added ease-of-use enhancements to email by:

  • Adding granular usage controls to the email and attachments that remains with all the forwarded and replied to versions of the email
  • Attaching policies, tracking recipients activities and revoking users rights in the native application so that the sender does not have to change the way they interact in email
  • Protecting replies from external users who use a mobile app to view a protected email or attachment
  • Mapping rules and attributes within popular emails systems like MS-Exchange server to Seclore Rights Management policies to automate the process

For many of Seclore’s customers, the lifeblood of their business runs on secure collaboration through email for sensitive documents such as technical specs, manufacturing designs and secure deal rooms for M&A transactions. This gives their customers the confidentiality they need to do business, and confidence that their information remains secure when not in their custody.

So remember, email beware! What one communicates and/or attaches in an email unprotected, if hacked, can potentially be used to sway public opinion, tarnish reputations or hit the bottom line.