futureAnd now for our final prediction for 2018 related to data security. With security breaches still occurring at record rates, compliance becoming more focused on protecting data even beyond the corporate perimeter, and the use of outsourcing continuing to rise, organizations will need to shift focus from perimeter-centric to data-centric security.

Prediction 6: By 2020, data-centric security solutions such as Enterprise Digital Rights Management (EDRM) will be the only granular, file-level method for protecting files that are shared

It is estimated that over 40% of an organization’s sensitive data flows beyond the traditional perimeter to support necessary business processes. That is a huge security gap when you consider that once that information is opened on the recipient’s device, the organization has lost control. And that is without taking into account how much information is in the hands of employees who leave the company.

We predict that organizations will develop enterprise-wide data security and governance programs by first identifying data security policy gaps and then implementing solutions that focus on protecting the data itself. We also predict that organizations will look for solutions that can automatically add file-level protection to documents as they are discovered by DLP solutions, downloaded from ECM and ERP systems, and shared via email and file sharing services.