Securing Third Party Collaboration: Key Insights

SecurityNow 2021 is Seclore’s flagship event that brings security experts and technology professionals under one roof to talk about the latest data security challenges and how to solve them. This year, the topic was Secure 3rd Party Collaboration… Cloud & Beyond. Read ahead for the key insights gathered from the event.

Why Secure 3rd Party Collaboration is the Need of the Hour?

50% of the organizations have experienced a data breach caused by third parties that led to the misuse of sensitive or confidential information (Ponemon)

65% have not even identified the third parties with access to the most sensitive data (SecurityMagazine)

24% of enterprises experienced a data breach because of a cyberattack incurred by a supplier (Kaspersky)

These statistics prove, once again, that the weakest link in the chain is the extended value chain around the enterprise.

Critical data like Intellectual Property (IP), PII, audit, and financial data are the crown jewels of an organization and are most susceptible to a data breach. Enterprise security teams lack control and visibility into the level of access to sensitive information for external users.

About the Event

SecurityNow 2021 is Seclore’s flagship event that brings security experts and technology professionals under one roof to talk about the latest data security challenges and how to solve them.

SecurityNow 2021 had a stellar line-up of global speakers, panel discussions, keynote speeches, customer stories, tips, insights, and a lot more. In this two-day event, we had the following sessions lined up for our viewers:

About Day 1

Vishal Gupta, CEO of Seclore, opened the event with a welcome note, highlighting the need for secure external collaboration.

“Enterprises are most worried about confidential information they have to send to external agencies such as partners, vendors, contractors, lawyers, etc., and hundreds of other companies surrounding the enterprise.”

Next, Todd Fennell presented the keynote address about how secure collaboration, privacy regulations, and Zero Trust affect the banking industry’s information security landscape.

“Most people like to say that the perimeter is dead or is not as effective as before. But I would submit that perimeter is still highly effective. The challenge comes with clearly defining what lies within the perimeter and what does not. The perimeter sometimes changes on a day-to-day basis depending on the business processes used.”

The keynote address was followed by a product roadmap session conducted by Abhijit Tannu and Zubin Dalal. They spoke about Seclore’s future product journey and the milestones to be achieved.

The roadmap session was followed by an engaging hour of customer exchange sessions. In this series of sessions, Seclore’s customers from various organizations shared their experience of how Seclore was helping them in their journey to data-centric security.

Here are some of the bytes from the speakers who shared their insights:

“Seclore’s automated data protection has helped us build a data protection strategy during COVID times without hiring employees to monitor employees.” – Marcel Vieyra

Marcel Vieyra, CTO, RapidCare Group, in conversation with Harshvardhan Lale


“There are always going to be employees or external parties who will misuse the data intentionally or unintentionally. We need a solution that will allow us to stay at the top of the game.” – Liz Wagoner

Liz Wagoner, Director of Data Protection, ADM, talks to Nipun Mohanty


“To incorporate a data-centric security solution, it is necessary to first understand the data and its behavior. Adopting a solution without doing so may either prove to be overkill or just not enough.” – Edward Galang

Edward Galang, CISO, Port of Long Beach, talks to Lisa Popadic


“[Data] Security cannot be a tick-mark activity. We need a solution that will protect the information shared with third parties.”– Varundeep Kaur

Varundeep Kaur, CIO, Spice Money, talks to Parag Shah


“The best thing about using Seclore is I can sleep better knowing that my documents are safe, no matter where they are.” – Bryan Kiss

Bryan Kiss, CCO/CFO, Kettle Hill Capital Management, talks to Jitendra Lakhwani


“Seclore is the only solution that offers holistic data-centric security. It is the only solution that provides data security on the cloud, especially when using SharePoint day in and day out.” –  Lucky Effendi

Lucky Effendi, Director of Information Technology, Eugenus, Inc., talks to Dimari Epps


Later, Vishal Gupta, Manjul Kubde, and Abhijit Tannu got together to answer a few questions related to Seclore. They conversed about the culture and talent acquisition process at Seclore. They also discussed Seclore’s work and history and how it has grown over the years.

The day closed with a series of product demos featuring some of Seclore’s latest data-centric capabilities.

About Day 2

Day 2 opened with a welcome note by Manjul Kubde, VP of Engineering, Seclore.

After the brief welcome message, the viewers dove into a stimulating panel discussion with Rob Oden of L3Harris Technologies, Monil Naicker of Applied Materials, and Evgeniy Kharam of Herjavec Group moderated by Vishal Gauri from Seclore. They discussed how regulated industries manage the “mutually conflicting” goals of secure external collaboration and privacy compliance.

Next was a fireside chat between Hamed Shahbar, VP and Head (Network and IT) of Public Investment Fund, and Abhijit Tannu, CTO of Seclore. The discussion centered around managing data security for one of the world’s leading sovereign wealth funds. They discussed how important it was to have data-centric security for such huge organizations.

The next event was another panel discussion with renowned security entrepreneurs like Arti Arora Raman of Titaniam, Kevin Coppins of Spirion, and Jim Barkdoll of Axiomatics. This session was about how security could no longer afford to stay confined within the infrastructural limits and needed to move towards the asset we are protecting – Data.

Finally, the event was declared a wrap with a brief closing address by Jasbir Singh, Managing Director (Europe) of Seclore.


SecurityNow 2021 opened the doors for discussion on how data-centric security can ensure secure external collaboration and privacy compliance are no longer mutually conflicting goals. Also, in this event, security experts and entrepreneurs discussed how enterprises must shift their focus to data-centric security. Last but not least, SecurityNow 2021 showcased how two of the largest organizations in the BFSI sector manage data security and external collaboration.

We hope you enjoyed attending the session as much as we enjoyed hosting it. However, if you did register but were unable to participate, don’t worry. You can view the day-wise recordings of the event by clicking the links below. Watch the event video to know more. Do watch our LinkedIn page for more exciting content related to the event.

Day 1 Day 2

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