Seclore Debuts as an Inaugural Vendor on McAfee MVISION Marketplace

Seclore Launches in MVISION Marketplace with Free Trial Offers

Seclore, a long-standing partner of McAfee®, is excited to announce that Seclore is a McAfee Compatible Solution and one of the first McAfee Security Innovation Alliance (SIA) partners to be included on the newly-launched McAfee MVISION Marketplace. The Marketplace is an open, cloud-driven platform that allows customers to quickly and easily “try-n-buy” McAfee and Seclore solutions to swiftly address security gaps by incorporating data-centric security and data protection automation via the MVISION ePolicy Orchestrator.

While McAfee MVISION Cloud (CASB), DLP, and Email Prevent can discover sensitive data across endpoints, email services, and cloud applications, Seclore’s data-centric security (DCS) ensures sensitive data is protected regardless of how it travels or where it resides.  By extending embedded encryption technology with information rights management, Seclore’s data protection becomes the default “action” invoked when McAfee solutions discover sensitive information.  An integrated and automated data-centric security strategy allows customers to evolve from a reactive security strategy where they are traditionally forced to monitor and chase their data.  Combining these solutions gives organizations “best-in-class” data protection with threat protection.

“With an increasing number of home workers and rising collaboration with external agencies, this combination of best-of-breed technologies could not have come at a better time. Enterprises can be assured that only approved people access their sensitive information, within or outside the enterprise. We are excited to deliver the combined powers of discovery, protection, and tracking of sensitive information to all of McAfee customers and prospects worldwide, and the McAfee Marketplace expedites the time-to-value for such offerings.” said Vishal Gupta, CEO, Seclore.

“We are excited to work with Seclore on delivering pre-integrated, best in industry information protection solutions delivered through the MVISION Marketplace,” said Javed Hasan, global head of enterprise product strategy and alliance, McAfee. “The new MVISION Marketplace enables organizations to quickly and easily implement comprehensive information protection. Seclore capabilities allow McAfee DLP and CASB customers to extend data protection beyond the enterprise perimeter, enabling them to safely share critical information with vendors, customers, and partners. This is the power of the McAfee MVISION Platform.”

To learn more about McAfee’s composable security approach, read McAfee’s blog.

Through the McAfee MVISION Marketplace, customers can try award-winning Seclore’s data-centric security before they buy within a matter of minutes.  Benefits of combining McAfee products with Seclore Rights Management include:

  • Automated protection based on detection – The combined solutions automatically detect, protect, and track sensitive information wherever it travels or resides without user intervention to ensure security gaps are consistently closed.
  • Incident Management Framework – When data is discovered in cloud services, McAfee MVISION Cloud records the incident and remediation actions. This operationalizes the solution for proper reporting and compliance needs.
  • Persistent, dynamic & granular usage controls – Enables enterprises to control WHO (people, groups) can access information, WHAT (view, edit, print, cut/paste) each person can do, WHEN (dates, timespan), and from WHERE (devices, networks) as well as change these controls post distribution.
  • Ease of use – The ability to automatically protect a document based on an MVISION Cloud policy ensures confidential information is safeguarded from accidental or malicious activities. Recipients can access protected files from any device and any browser, making it easy to engage in secure collaboration.
  • Usage tracking for compliance – Organizations can track and report all activities performed on documents to facilitate compliance with data privacy regulations, including unauthorized attempts to open documents.

Seclore certified solutions include:

  • Seclore DRM with McAfee DLP Endpoint Version: 4 and above
  • Seclore DRM with McAfee DLP Prevent (Email)
  • Seclore DRM with McAfee MVision: Release 5.1.0

Learn more or for qualified businesses, sign up for a free trial at

For more information on the McAfee MVISION Marketplace, read the McAfee press release at McAfee’s blog.

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