Feb 28, 2018

Data Classification + DLP + EDRM – The Complete Data Security Story

Data Classification + DLP + EDRM - The Complete Data Security Story Classification…DLP…Encryption…WHAT'S NEXT? Billions of dollars are spent annually on Cyber Security products, yet the threats and breaches continue to rise at unprecedented rates. On-going attempts to control the perimeter such as Applications, Devices and Networks - all become futile based upon the "perfect [...]

Feb 26, 2018

What is and How do you Prepare for the GDPR?

By Darren Wray, CEO, Fifth Step, Ltd GDPR is the biggest change to data protection ever. Not only does it build upon the European data protection requirements that were already in place regionally, but the extraterritorial nature of this law means that it is not just companies in Europe who are busily implementing changes to [...]

Jan 31, 2018

Data Classification, Protection and Compliance – One, Integrated Solution

By David Langton, Marketing Director, Boldon James In today’s mobile and collaborative world, identifying and protecting data once it has left the confines of your corporate data store is increasingly challenging. Applying persistent protection effectively both within and outside an organization requires a combined approach between data classification and rights management. The good news is [...]

Jan 15, 2018

Agentless Data-Centric Security, Expanded Email Protection, Enhanced Usability, and more!

The 2nd half of 2017 was a very exciting time for us. And that’s because we’ve made things much easier and simpler for you! Seclore Rights Management is now smarter than ever before – with agentless document access and editing, expanded email security, better data usage analytics for administrators – and much more! Here are [...]

Dec 29, 2017

Six Predictions for 2018 Data Security – Prediction #6

And now for our final prediction for 2018 related to data security. With security breaches still occurring at record rates, compliance becoming more focused on protecting data even beyond the corporate perimeter, and the use of outsourcing continuing to rise, organizations will need to shift focus from perimeter-centric to data-centric security. Prediction 6: By 2020, [...]

Dec 25, 2017

Six Predictions for 2018 Data Security – Prediction #5

Most companies are finding it very difficult to find qualified security staff. Providers of security solutions will need to ensure their systems are easy to deploy, administer and use. Prediction 5: Security resources will become even more scarce Companies are already experiencing a scarcity of available security resources, and it will get worse in 2018, [...]

Dec 21, 2017

Six Predictions for 2018 Data Security – Prediction #4

With the continued trend towards outsourcing of various business and manufacturing processes, organizations will be more strident in checking the data security standard of their business partners. Prediction 4: Companies will be asked about data security standards in RFPs Companies looking to partner with third-party vendors (contractors, vendors, outsourcers, lawyers, consultants, etc.) will ask what [...]

Dec 16, 2017

Six Predictions for 2018 Data Security – Prediction #3

In our continued discussion of trends around data security for 2018, we continue to see that shadow IT resources are still causing organizations problems. Prediction 3:  Shadow IT resources will continue to increase the risk of security breaches for organizations in 2018 According to Gartner, by 2020, a third of successful attacks experienced by enterprises [...]

Dec 12, 2017

Six Predictions for 2018 Data Security – Prediction #2

Last week we discussed that in spite of big spend on security solutions, organizations are still experiencing security breaches and how data-centric security can plug remaining gaps. Here is our Prediction #2 for Data Security in 2018. Prediction 2:  Cybersecurity regulation will become even more prevalent and strident While there were dozens of regional and [...]

Dec 7, 2017

Six Predictions for 2018 Data Security – Prediction #1

One thing that was clear in 2017: In spite of big spending on security solutions, organizations haven’t yet figured out how to protect themselves from data breaches.  In response, regulatory bodies are issuing strident security requirements and organizations are looking for new innovations and strategies to better protect information no matter where or how it [...]