Need for Rights Management Grows – Stats You Cannot Ignore

External collaboration is an essential aspect of any business. But it is beneficial only when done in a secure environment. Collaboration without complete security could lead to severe data breaches. Third parties access enterprise files and folders using their devices, primarily unmanaged and without any anti-malware technology. Any malicious file uploads to the folders or device loss or unmanaged fourth-party access can pose a colossal data security risk.

The average cost of a data breach is $3.92 Mn

We’re not kidding; the stats say it all.

Download this infographic to understand the impact of external collaboration done wrongly and how Seclore Rights Management can stop 100% of these breaches.

Learn more about:

-How external collaboration escalates breaches

-Impact of the data loss

-Rights Management or Digital Rights Management can stop 100% of these breaches



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