[Infographic] Why Semiconductor Companies Are Prone to Intellectual Property Theft?

The semiconductor industry is one of the most highly regulated industries in the world. Companies operating in this space must comply with various domestic and international regulations. Different teams share confidential information, such as design specifications, pricing structure, and material costs, with internal and external agents.

In electronic design, a new category of Intellectual Property (IP) appears, that is, the semiconductor intellectual property core (SIP core). IP core or IP block is a reusable unit of logic, cell, or integrated circuit layout design that is the Intellectual Property of one party.

The rate of innovation within the industry is staggering, while production methods are constantly evolving. This rapid pace of change can make it challenging to keep up with the latest data security best practices and how to apply them in a changing environment. This lag between innovation and data security adoption can level intellectual property vulnerable. Negligent or malicious leakage of such Intellectual Property can seriously threaten the organization’s margins and competitive edge.

Download this infographic to learn more about:

  • Importance of IP in the semiconductor industry
  • Data security challenges in the semiconductor industry
  • How digital asset protection and control can help mitigate IP theft in the semiconductor industry

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