[Infographic] Need to Secure Your Digital Assets

Data – seems like a small four-letter word, but it has grown exponentially in value. Studies have shown that, by 2025, humanity’s collective data will reach 175 zettabytes. The number is quite scary and overwhelming, knowing that all this data is probably lying around, vulnerable to all kinds of theft and breaches.

External collaboration is an essential aspect of any business. But it is beneficial only when done in a secure environment. Collaboration without complete security could lead to severe data breaches. Third parties access enterprise digital assets using their devices, primarily unmanaged and without anti-malware technology. Lack of seriousness of third-party due diligence, overlooking of external data access privileges, and inadequate enforcement of data security policies are some common causes of data theft and third-party data breaches.

The average cost of a data breach has risen from $3.92 Mn to $4.35 Mn

We’re not kidding; the stats say it all.

Download this infographic to understand the impact of external collaboration done wrongly and how Seclore Data-Centric Protection can stop 100% of these breaches.

Learn more about:

  • Data breaches across the world
  • Impact of the data loss
  • How Seclore Data-Centric Protection can protect 100% of breaches

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