[Infographic] Data Breaches in the African Region

The demand for internet access across Africa has grown exponentially in the past few years because of the pandemic. As a result, more people than ever are connecting to the Internet — 43% of the total African population of 1.37 billion, according to the InternetWorldStats website.

However, the increasing connectivity has led to an increase in sophisticated cybercrimes and digital espionage targeted at the financial and economic status of the countries in the African continent. Compliance and Privacy regulations require organizations to protect critical and sensitive information. These regulations include:

  • Kenya’s Data Protection Act (DPA),
  • Ghana’s Data Protection Act (DPA) of 2012
  • Nigeria Data Protection Regulation 2019 (NDPR)
  • The Data Protection and Privacy Act of Uganda (2019)

Download this infographic to learn about data breaches in the African continent. This infographic also covers how Seclore can help organizations in Africa control data losses and comply with various data protection regulations.

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