Four Questions with the CEO – Episode 5: The Power of Combining DLP and Rights Management

In this vlog, Vishal Gupta, CEO at Seclore discusses the power of combining DLP with Rights Management.

  • The key challenges of using only DLP to protect information
    • Sensitive information is detected…but not protected
    • DLP can deter workflows – or it is set to run in monitor mode – and information is shared unprotected
    • Costly to administer and review triggered documents
  • What a Rights Management solution is missing by not being connected with DLP
    • Cannot ‘discover’ or ‘scan content’ to automatically identify sensitive information
    • Have to rely on employees to manually protect sensitive information – potential for missing sensitive documents
  • How DLP and Rights Management solutions work together
    • DLP detects, and based on parameters…rights are automatically applied
    • Doesn’t require end users/employees to ‘do the right thing’ so sensitive information is consistently protected
    • All information is now protected with granular usage controls – protects data at-rest, at-work, in transit
    • Can revoke access and track information – important to regulatory compliance
    • Works at network or end point level
  • The ease of integrating DLP with the Seclore Data-Centric Platform
    • New SDK for Endpoint Protection – integrate in hours, not weeks – and without developer help
    • Seclore has pre-built connectors for leading DLP solutions already available – offers flexibility and agility to companies

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