Four Questions with the CEO – Episode 4: Protecting Incoming Information – How to… and Why it Matters

In this vlog, Vishal Gupta, CEO at Seclore discusses the importance of protecting incoming sensitive information.

  • Why is it important for organizations to protect incoming information?
    • Regulations now require all information to be protected, tracked and revocable
    • Big risk to having incoming customer, client or partner information being utilized and stored unprotected
  • What are some of the use cases for protecting incoming information?
    • Sharing of loan documents
    • Sharing of financial information
    • Sharing of technical specifications
    • Sharing of medical records
  • How can organizations easily protect incoming information?
    • Attach documents to an email to be uploaded to the Seclore Data Protection Portal
    • Upload documents to the Seclore Data Protection Portal
    • Seclore DPP automatically adds granular usage controls
  • Is it easy for employees to use the protected information?
    • Access and utilize via browser
    • Works with all devices
    • Easily authenticate

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