Four Questions with the CEO – Episode 3: Four Must-Have’s for Data-Centric Security

Vishal Gupta, CEO at Seclore, shares enlightenment on the Four Must-Have’s for Data-Centric Security.

  • No agents: Must be browser-based for recipients receiving protected files, especially to support external collaboration
  • Automated protection:
    • The DRM solution must have connectors to make it easy to integrate with best-of-breed ECM, eMail, DLP, Classification, File Servers, and Enterprise Applications
    • Essential to automatically protect documents as they are discovered, labeled, downloaded and shared to ensure security gaps are consistently closed
  • Policy and Identity Federation:
    • Policy Federation is essential to making it easy to map and synchronize access policies from other systems (DLP, Classification, ECM e.g.) with the granular usage controls in the DRM system
    • Identity Federation ensures recipients can utilize a wide range of authentication methods for low friction to accessing a protected file
  • Tracking usage of documents:
    • Automatic collection of usage logs is essential to robust and streamlined audit and compliance reporting

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