[Feature Update] Control Sensitive Data Leakage with Seclore’s Dynamic Watermarking

Adding a watermark to your digital assets is one of the most popular ways to protect sensitive data. You must collaborate with external vendors and share your digital assets for many essential business processes. It is critical to keep them secure when accessing applications or different browsers. Adding a dynamic watermark to these assets significantly deter their leak or misuse.

While you may add a watermark to increase security, you do not want this at the expense of the usability of your digital assets. For instance, when a leading microchip manufacturer added watermarks to their design documents to make them more secure, the watermark text became very intrusive and hid the critical details of the design document.

Dynamic Watermarks: Seclore Solution

Every Seclore-protected document is rendered with a dynamic, user-specific watermark, drastically reducing the risk of data leakage, even by mobile devices and cameras, without impacting usability.

Design Your Watermark Content and Style

Using Seclore allows you to design your watermark and style it according to the business use cases. You can configure the following details without any compromise on its security:

  • Content of the Watermark
    • Identity of the user (name and email ID)
    • Timestamp of the opening of the file
    • File classification type
    • Other custom text
  • Watermark font, color, and style
  • Level of opacity
  • Distance between the two watermark lines to increase the readability of your sensitive data

Dynamic Watermarking

Seclore also uses the dynamic watermarking approach to take the security of your data to the next level. You can federate the watermarked content from your external applications integrated with Seclore in real time while opening the file. The watermarked content can be modified centrally from the Policy Server at any time and will get reflected across all Seclore agents.

How Does It Help?

The dynamic watermark on the screen is a deterrent to data leaks via an unauthorized photo of the screen using a mobile camera. The dynamic watermark also appears on the printed copy, which prevents unauthorized printing and distribution.

As a result, your digital asset is secure throughout its lifecycle, and there is no compromise on its usability. The dynamic watermarks do not disrupt the business processes when you progress on your data-centric security initiative.

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