futureBy David Langton, Marketing Director, Boldon James

In today’s mobile and collaborative world, identifying and protecting data once it has left the confines of your corporate data store is increasingly challenging. Applying persistent protection effectively both within and outside an organization requires a combined approach between data classification and rights management.

The good news is that a solution to this long-standing issue is now a reality with the recent strategic partnership announced between Boldon James and Seclore, combining best-of-breed data classification and rights management solutions.

The new partnership delivers and end-to-end, automated data protection and compliance solution meaning users can easily, and with confidence, classify, protect and keep their most sensitive data compliant – regardless of where that information travels within or outside the enterprise. The partnership delivers one seamless solution from identifying sensitive files, to then automatically protecting those files with very specific usage controls, and tracking and monitoring the data to meet applicable regulations, such as the impeding EU General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR) and recently introduced New York Department of Financial Services Cybersecurity regulations (NY DFS – 23 NYCRR 500).

So what is data classification? Data classification is the process of empowering the user to apply a visual (and metadata) label to documents and messages to identify the level of sensitivity (or value) that information has to the organization. In turn, appropriate security and data governance controls can be applied, in the form of rights management, to protect that data against theft, compromise, inappropriate use and to fulfil any compliance and regulatory requirements.

By automating data-centric security with this integrated solution, Seclore and Boldon James are removing what has been one of the stickiest barriers for protecting information end-to-end – the complexities of user adoption. Setting your classification tool to automatically apply the appropriate rights management template based on the user’s choice of classification will solve the problem of workflow interruption and the potentially incorrect selection of usage rights. This is the approach taken by Boldon James Classifier, which provides a means to automate the application of Seclore Rights Management templates based upon the selected classification.

By adopting this approach, organizations are no longer forced to accept the risks associated with adopting bolt-on, ‘good enough’ capabilities or the overhead of having to implement, manage and support disparate, standalone solutions.

Instead, organizations now have a consistent, seamlessly integrated and user-centric approach to applying persistent data protection – ensuring that your information not only falls into the right hands, but is only used in the right way.


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