Data-Centric Security Coming of Age, Enabled with Automation

Data-centric security has progressed exponentially in the last couple of years, replacing manual tasks with automation. Its key focus is securing the data rather than the infrastructure. Traditional data security solutions were hard to use and difficult to implement, created friction with end-users, and produced inconsistent results. There is a also a constant data chase due to sensitive data residing across on-premises and cloud applications, carrying different risk levels and approaches to mitigate the risk to critical data. So how to go about implementing data-centric security? Where to start? IDC recommends three use cases and why data security in the modern workplace is all about easy-to-use tools.

Read the report highlights of Data-Centric Security Coming of Age, Enabled with Automation written by Frank Dickson, Program Vice President, Cybersecurity Products, IDC, which talks about the constant data chase, the risk associated, and how to mitigate. The report indicates how to go about implementing data-centric security, where to start, and recommendations.



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