Collaborating in Microsoft Teams is the New Meeting Room: Top 5 Reasons to Use Seclore for Security

With over 115 million Microsoft Teams users in the last year, Microsoft 365 adoption has been driven heavily by Microsoft Teams during the pandemic.  And although we see some employees returning to the office, Microsoft Teams will continue to be the default option for enterprises to communicate and collaborate. Hence, the new virtual office space with open cubicles included!

Microsoft Teams ensures that all employees can share documents with team members globally. However, employees can also share sensitive documents from Teams (which they often do), which these sensitive documents, once downloaded, can reside anywhere in the world, on any device.

So, Microsoft Teams’ has great power in enabling seamless remote work does not come without the responsibility of ensuring secure collaboration.

Introducing Microsoft Teams Support for Seclore for Microsoft 365

Seclore’s offering for MS365 extends its capabilities to support seamless and secure collaboration of documents downloaded from Microsoft Teams regardless of where the documents reside globally using the Web App, Desktop App, and Mobile App. With Seclore, enterprises can accelerate Microsoft Teams adoption without worrying about chasing regulatory or sensitive data.

Click here to learn how Seclore automatically applies security permissions to documents when users share documents.

The top 5 reasons to use Seclore to secure your Microsoft Teams

1. Automatically Protect Sensitive Documents upon Upload to Microsoft Teams Channels

When enabling Seclore Rights Management (RM) on the underlying SharePoint Document Library, documents uploaded to Microsoft Teams Channels, by any method such as drag and drop, sync, email, create a new file, will get automatically protected.

There is no need to rely on end-users to decide on whether to protect a document or what security permissions should be granted. Automatically protecting documents provide a seamless user experience and ensure consistency in data protection across the organization.

2. Open in the Native Application

Online access is still not the preferred method by seasoned Office document users – especially MS Excel. If a user wants to use keyboard short cuts or advanced Excel operations, they still will prefer to open the file natively (maybe even download it).

With Seclore, there is no need to download the document. Just click on the file and open it directly in the native application; use the native controls, edit, and automatically save the file back to Microsoft Teams.  Secure and seamless. (Did I just hear a wow!?)

3. Easily Access in Agentless, Browser based Secure Editor

There is no need to download an agent to access a protected document. Just click on the file open option to seamlessly access the protected document in Seclore’s Online Editor. Also, Seclore’s single sign-on (SSO) with Microsoft means that you do not need to authenticate again! Then edit and save back content directly into SharePoint, OneDrive, or Microsoft Teams from the Seclore Online Editor without needing to download the file at all.

4. Policy Federation & Revoke access

We frequently hear from CTOs and Data Protection Officers (DPOs) talking about employees downloading Microsoft Teams documents to their desktop. Then they copy documents to their USB, hard-disk, or email to their personal email before they move to a different team or exit the organization. How do you stop this?

Seclore Policy Federation checks with Microsoft 365 for user permissions every time a user tries to access a protected document, and guess what? The user can open the downloaded file only if they have access to it in Microsoft 365. So, all the enterprise needs to do (when the employee changes teams or leaves the company) is to revoke access in Microsoft 365, and Seclore will block access to these files immediately.

5. Advanced Security

Why Seclore for Microsoft 365 than other Rights Management offerings? Seclore offers advanced security and fills the security gaps in Microsoft 365. Seclore offers automated data protection with policy federation, zero user intervention, dynamic watermarking for added security, revocation of an individual user, bulk actions to streamline administration, and data-centric audit reports to, name a few.

So, why wait?

Book a demo and see Seclore for Microsoft Teams in action and know that collaboration through Microsoft Teams in your enterprise is secure and seamless.

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