futureThe 2nd half of 2017 was a very exciting time for us. And that’s because we’ve made things much easier and simpler for you! Seclore Rights Management is now smarter than ever before – with agentless document access and editing, expanded email security, better data usage analytics for administrators – and much more!

Here are some highlights of what we were up to in 2017:




How I Learned to Stop Worrying and go Agentless:
  • Anyone inside or outside your enterprise can now access a protected file, provided they have installed….exactly nothing. Yes – you don’t need to install anything to view or edit a protected file.
  • With Seclore’s all-new Lite Online Editor, you can now view a document in your browser, edit its contents (if you have the Edit permission) and send it back with your changes! Fully agentless data-centric security!
The Seclore Email Protection Universe Just Expanded:

Let’s face it – which company hasn’t experienced an email leak? Email is one of the most common forms of sharing information. And the most easily leaked or hackable. Data-centric email security by Seclore is the best way to avoid your sensitive emails and attachments landing up in the wrong inboxes.

  • The universe of Seclore-protected users just expanded – Seclore Email Protector now supports
    • Mac
    • Outlook on the web
  • Outlook for Windows is already supported
  • Seclore’s data-centric security and tracking ensures that your emails are always in your control – wherever they go
Data Usage Analytics and all That:

Monitoring your users’ activities on protected files has never been this easy!

  • Seclore Administrators now have a more complete overview of what users are doing on files.
  • The new dashboard provides overall Rights Management system health and utilization/adoption analytics, including high risk file usage activities, system usage, license utilization, and much more!
  • The enhanced analytics also includes a web-based audit trail and dashboard covering forensic details of all activities on all files by all users.
  • You’ll even get extrapolated data depicting future usage!
Better Usability:

Usability has always been our highest priority, and now Seclore Rights Management is even more user-friendly with an intuitive UI!

  • Authenticate once into Seclore on your desktop – and that’s it! You won’t need to log in again for a very long time – even after you restart your computer.
  • Logged into Seclore on the desktop? You’ll automatically get logged in when you visit the Seclore portal in your browser! No need to log in again!
  • You can now open protected files in just two steps – double click on it, verify your email – and the file opens!

Coming Soon

Here is what you can expect to be added to Seclore Rights Management in this quarter:

  • Richer Agentless Access:
    • A much better watermark – spread across the screen and much less intrusive
    • Native Printing support in Seclore Lite Online
  • Enhanced Email Protection and Access:
    • View the protected email body inline in your Outlook – not as a separate attachment
    • Track your email wherever it goes right from Outlook!
    • Revoke access to your email right from Outlook!
    • Date Expiry options for email protection
    • An all-new connector for Microsoft Exchange to automatically protect emails based on pre-defined rules