Sep 16, 2019

Four Must-Have’s for Data-Centric Security

Vishal Gupta, CEO at Seclore, shares enlightenment on the Four Must-Have’s for Data-Centric Security. No agents: Must be browser-based for recipients receiving protected files, especially to support external collaboration Automated protection: The DRM solution must have connectors to make it easy to integrate with best-of-breed ECM, eMail, DLP, Classification, File Servers, and Enterprise Applications Essential [...]

Sep 11, 2019

Why SDKs are Crucial to the Success of Digital Rights Management

Vishal Gupta, CEO at Seclore, shares enlightenment on why SDKs are crucial to the success of digital rights management Data-Centric Security, and more specifically, DRM is most successful when added to other systems because of the ability to automate protection and ensure security gaps are closed Combinations are most fruitful for automated protection: DLP [...]

Sep 5, 2019

Why Basic Email Encryption is no Longer Enough

Vishal Gupta, CEO at Seclore, shares enlightenment on next-generation Email Encryption. What’s lacking in basic email encryption Additional data protection capabilities provided by next-generation email encryption Granular usage policies that stay in control even when the attachment is being utilized by the recipient remote revocation of access to the email/attachment automatic protection for outgoing/incoming [...]

Aug 23, 2018

Why Basic File Encryption is no Longer Enough

Many organizations have implemented basic file encryption to protect their sensitive documents. Basic file encryption will protect information when it is stored and transmitted.  However, as soon as the file is decrypted by the recipient – your sensitive document can now be easily shared with other unauthorized users.  The recipient can easily cut/paste content [...]

Apr 20, 2018

Protecting the Last Mile with End-to-End, Data-Centric Security

As the amount of sensitive information being shared internally across business units and with external third parties grows exponentially, organizations are looking for solutions that will protect documents, wherever they travel, and even while they are being utilized. Traditional security solutions, including email and file encryption are not enough to protect files. Once a recipient [...]

Apr 18, 2018

Why Email Security Is More Important Than Ever Before

Who doesn’t enjoy a little bit of salacious information? Everyday the news outlets are bending our ear. We are human by all means, but leaked emails with sensitive information are costing jobs, influencing elections, impacting corporations financially and who knows what’s next. For example, Sony’s leaked emails cost producer Amy Pascal her job. Democratic National [...]

Mar 16, 2018

Is Data-Centric Security the Answer to NIST Compliance?

Last year there was a record 1,579 data breaches – that’s a 44.7 percent increase in breaches compared to 2016. In light of the severity and frequency of these breaches, companies are taking a deeper look at their cybersecurity protocols. However, there is another reason organizations are reevaluating their security efforts – government regulations. NIST [...]

Feb 28, 2018

Data Classification + DLP + EDRM – The Complete Data Security Story

Data Classification + DLP + EDRM - The Complete Data Security Story Classification…DLP…Encryption…WHAT'S NEXT? Billions of dollars are spent annually on Cyber Security products, yet the threats and breaches continue to rise at unprecedented rates. On-going attempts to control the perimeter such as Applications, Devices and Networks - all become futile based upon the "perfect [...]

Feb 26, 2018

What is and How do you Prepare for the GDPR?

By Darren Wray, CEO, Fifth Step, Ltd GDPR is the biggest change to data protection ever. Not only does it build upon the European data protection requirements that were already in place regionally, but the extraterritorial nature of this law means that it is not just companies in Europe who are busily implementing changes to [...]

Jan 31, 2018

Data Classification, Protection and Compliance – One, Integrated Solution

By David Langton, Marketing Director, Boldon James In today’s mobile and collaborative world, identifying and protecting data once it has left the confines of your corporate data store is increasingly challenging. Applying persistent protection effectively both within and outside an organization requires a combined approach between data classification and rights management. The good news is [...]