Revolutionary industrialist, Henry Ford once said: “Coming together is a beginning, staying together is progress, and working together is success.”

Be it working together internally or with manufacturers, vendors, subcontractors or the like, we too believe that collaboration is the key to success. Unfortunately, collaboration’s unintended consequence is that it increases the risk that sensitive data such as design drawings, will get in the wrong hands. But, the good news is, it’s possible to have the best of both worlds. That is why we are excited to announce that SOLIDWORKS customers now have access to Seclore’s IRM technology.

Manufacturing veterans know keeping proprietary designs safe is easier said than done. And, while companies may think they have the right solutions in place, are they really able to secure manufacturing design? For those that want to ensure proper intellectual property rights management, taking a data-centric approach is the only way to go.

While making sure all parts of a business meet industry security standards is a must, implementing a solution that includes information rights management is key for organizations to stay ahead of the game. Being able to protect data on mobile devices, laptops and PCs, along with the ability to modify usage controls such as view, edit, print, screen capture, copy/paste, forward) at any time, ensures businesses can create a collaborative environment, and have a piece of mind doing so.

SOLIDWORKS helps employees build out and collaborate on the product development process. Be it a CAD document, or converting pdf to CAD or CAD to pdf, SOLIDWORKS file management allows any and all documents to be worked on accordingly. SOLIDWORKS file management allows intellectual property, such as drawings, parts and assemblies to be protected no matter where the files end up.

With this new solution by Seclore, designs created from SOLIDWORKS’ 3D software tools are protected with persistent, granular, file-level security controls. Features of Seclore IRMaaS for SOLIDWORKS include:

  • Persistent, granular usage controls that are provided with the Secure Pack-and-Go module, making it easy to ensure sensitive intellectual property (e.g., drawings, assemblies, parts) remains secure wherever it travels and is stored
  • Remote management of usage controls that allow the file owner to dynamically modify or revoke usage policies to previously shared files no matter where the file is located
  • Compliant file-sharing that maximizes business agility as files have security mechanisms wherever they go and however they travel. File sharing, cloud services, mobile devices and external partnerships can be embraced with confidence
  • End-to-end auditing and regulatory compliance that makes it possible to automatically collect authorized usage actions as well as unauthorized usage attempts. Alerts, dashboards, and detailed reports provide rapid, real-time visibility into document usage

Whether you are a company of five or five hundred, you simply can’t afford to neglect data-centric security. Protection that remains with your business designs regardless of what device they are opened or stored on, is essential in the digital age. Be it a cyber-attack or a sensitive document getting in the wrong hands, we believe there is no such thing as being too cautious when it comes to protecting your sensitive information. And because of this, we believe that taking a data-centric approach to security is key.

Inquire about our Early Adopter Program and learn how you can protect your designs today.