Law firms are businesses like financial, insurance and manufacturing companies; they similarly handle many different types of sensitive data such as intellectual property, trade secrets, merger and acquisition documents, and employee social security numbers. In law firms this information is shared with Insurance companies, experts, vendors and clients. Once this sensitive information has left the firm, law firm employees no longer have control of it.

Driven by demand to protect sensitive information shared during legal collaboration, Kraft Kennedy, a trusted consulting partner to some of the largest law firms, is partnering with Seclore to provide the most automated, advanced and secure Enterprise Digital Rights Management solution to their legal customers. Kraft Kennedy understands the unique manner in which law firms operate, and with their deep knowledge of technology, and a problem solving and design approach, they look for innovative solutions to meet their client’s needs.

By partnering with Seclore, Kraft Kennedy is providing law firms with persistent, granular usage control over documents. The robust file protection (who can access the file, what they can do with the file, for how long and from which device) is ‘attached’ to the file to secure the information wherever it goes. File activity, including unauthorized attempts, is tracked and audited and access to a protected file can be revoked at any time, no matter where the file has traveled. Here are the top 3 areas where persistent data-centric security can reduce the risk of a data breach for law firms:

Intellectual Property Highly confidential  intellectual property – drawings, AUTOCAD and spreadsheets are shared outside of the organization’s protected network;

Human Resources Employee personal information such as names, addresses, wages, taxes, and SSNs is shared with outside third-party vendors for payroll, investments and insurance purposes; and

Mergers and Acquisitions Contracts, financial data and proprietary client information are shared (for a limited amount of time) between companies and opposing law firms.

Learn more by registering for ILTA webinar presented by Kraft Kennedy, Robert S. Metzger, Esq.  and Seclore, “How Enterprise Digital Rights Management is Aiding Law Firms with their Data Security, Information Governance and Audit Compliance Challenges” on Monday, July 11 at noon, EDT.