We are excited to report that our fiscal year ending March, 2016 resulted in an 83% year/year revenue growth.  Our growth clearly showcases that the need for EDRM is on the rise!  As more and more of you are exploring EDRM, please be aware that there are many solutions on the market that will not provide you with the desired ROI.

After many years spent developing and implementing persistent file-centric security, there is one thing we know for sure: If you are waiting for your employees to manually protect files as they are created or shared, you will not achieve your objectives with EDRM.

To ensure rapid ROI for EDRM projects, we have spent the past two years focused on technology that will enable organizations to automatically ‘attach’ usage policies at the exact point where files are downloaded, shared, or discovered.  To enable this automation, we have developed two primary capabilities:

First, we have created a robust library of pre-built connectors for Box EFSS, SAP ERP, McAfee DLP, Symantec DLP, IBM ECM, EMC Documentum, MS Sharepoint and many other solutions.  By connecting directly with existing systems, we can dramatically accelerate the protection of sensitive information.  Imagine turning on your EDRM system and in day 1 protecting hundreds of documents without employee intervention.  That is the reality when you can seamlessly connect EDRM with your existing systems.

Second, we have developed an innovative Policy Federation capability that enables organizations to leverage existing access management policies created in other systems, and automatically map and augment the access policies with granular usage policies.  The ability to leverage existing policies is another key part of Seclore’s ability to ‘automate’ rights management.

If you are a current customer, thank you for selecting Seclore as your EDRM partner and making our past year a great success.  If you are still researching EDRM, we will be happy to showcase how Seclore can help you rapidly close the security gaps created during collaboration.