It costs more..REALLY more after losing it!!!

Why are we still struggling to overcome data loss? Is it because of negligence or is that we just don’t care? Today, most of the enterprises seen worldwide are becoming victims of Data Loss. Although they have gone through several warnings still there is a reluctant approach towards data prevention protocol.

Data loss prevention should now become the biggest priority since it has complete functionality to run a business. To mention further, it has been observed that cost involved in data is comparatively more than data collection from various sources. Moreover, there should be periodic modification in data management structure and proper data planning must be implemented.

We certainly know that data irrespective of its size and shape moves through and out of enterprises and other collaborated entities which later creates business bonding and opens doors for revenue but during that period there are hooks found where data is being targeted.We must understand this fact that confidential data can reside on a variety of computing devices such as servers, virtual servers, databases, file servers, PCs, flash drives and other mobile devices and move through a variety of network access points (wireless, VPNs, etc) so complete security of data estate within and beyond is a must to beat problems of data loss, data breach, data recovery and data leaks.

So, what types of data are we talking about that make it an estate? 

To explain further we have various data types such as:
i)  Intellectual assets: source codes, product blueprint, process documentation, financial transactions.

ii) Corporate Data: Monetary documents, Business planning documents, files and folders for internal mergers and acquisitions, employee information (demographic and financial details)

iii) Consumer Data: Personal Identity details, credit/debit card numbers, medical records, financial statements. 

How can we go about preventing data loss? 
Data loss and leakage can be managed by various data loss tools, such as content observing and filtering tools. They are specially designed to prevent unplanned or calculated exposure of sensitive enterprise information. It helps in getting content identified and then tracking provision and later blocks sensitive data from being moved.
Final Take: 
As with other packages, the various benefits of the ever increasing mobile age come with many challenges. With time and technology there are numerous potential security risks brought about by the mobile and remote working times, however organizations all need to do what they can to curb or prevent these security threats where possible. Just adding a layer of protection will not really stop threats from entering but effectively security solution can surely do the magic. Thus, any protection system that comes into market strives to get its relevance but a few surpasses the inflammable area of security threat.