Feb12, 2016

Why it is Crucial to Connect Enterprise Rights Management to Existing Systems

If you are like most organizations, you have dozens of solutions involved in producing, storing, and sharing documents and data. While these systems are all great for their specific task, none of them are able […]

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Jan5, 2016

Five Predictions for Enterprise Digital Rights Management in 2016

This is the first of five blogs that will discuss key predictions related to the use of Enterprise Digital Rights Management in 2016. 

Prediction 1:  The Need for File-Centric Security Is Greater Than Ever Before

If […]

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Jan4, 2016

Prediction 2: Automation Will Be Deemed Crucial to the Successful Adoption of EDRM

Automation is everything when it comes to Enterprise Digital Rights Management.  If organizations need to rely on employees to manually click and protect every sensitive file, they will not achieve the required adoption rates.  The […]

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Jan3, 2016

Prediction 3: Open, Pure-Play EDRM Will Thrive

Many EDRM offerings were developed (or acquired and bolted on) as an ‘extension’ to another system.  Some rights management capabilities were bolted on to existing Enterprise Content Management (ECM) systems, others as extensions to Enterprise […]

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Jan2, 2016

Prediction 4: Ease-of-Use Will Be Deemed Essential to Driving EDRM Adoption

While connectivity with existing ECM, DLP, ERP and EFSS will automate a great deal of the ‘rights attachment’ process (See Prediction #2), there will still be plenty of files you will need employees to manually […]

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